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   Riemann Surfaces, Harmonic Maps

                  and Visualization

Proceedings of the 16th Osaka City University 

 International Academic Symposium 2008



Yoshihiro Ohnita, Martin Guest, Reiko Miyaoka, Wayne Rossman 

OCAMI Studies III, Size 25.2cm x 18cm(B-5),277Pages,

Average quality book, Price ¥9,500

 ISBN978-4-901409-69-8 C3041

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1. Isothermicity for discrete surfaces in the Euclidean and Minkowski 3-spaces
  Yusuke Kinoshita and Wayne Rossman
2. Surfaces with singularities and Osserman-type inequalities
  Masaaki Umehara
3. Loop groups and surfaces with symmetry 
  Josef F. Dorfmeister
4. Harmonic maps into Grassmannians and a generalization of de Carmo-Wallach theorem
  Yasuyuki Nagatomo
5. Completely explicit formulae for harmonic 2-spheres in the unitary group and related spaces
  John C. Wood
6. On Weil-Petersson symmetry of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
  Sumio Yamada
7. A construction method for triply periodic minimal surfaces
  Shoichi Fujimori and Matthias Weber
8. Families of conformal tori of revolution in the 3-sphere
  Katrin Leschke
9. Anisotropic surface energy
  Miyuki Koiso and Bennet Palmer
10. Regularity of the space of harmonic 2-spheres in the unit 4-sphere
  John Bolton and Luis Fernandez
11. Toward Nevanlinna-Galois theory of algebraic minimal surfaces
  Ryoichi Kobayashi
12. A construction of a Frobenius manifold from the quantum differential equation of a weighted projective space
  Hironori Sakai
13. On holomorphic sections of a certain Kodaira surface revisited
  Yoichi Imayoshi, Yohei Komori and Toshihiro Nogi
14. Recent progress in value distribution of the hyperbolic Gauss map
  Yu Kawakami
15. The Moutard transformation: An algebraic formalism via pseudodifferential operators and applications
  Iskander Taimonov and Sergey Tsarev
16. Finite-Gap minimal Lagrangian surfaces in CP2
   Andrey Mironov
17. Quotients of quaternionic holomorphic sections
  Katsuhiro Moriya
18. Pluriharmonic tori, configulations of points on rational or elliptic curves and another type of spectra data
  Tetsuya Taniguchi
19. On infinitesimal deformations of CMC surfaces of finite type in the 3-spere
  Martin Kilian and Martin Ulrich Schmidt
20. Associative Cones in the Imaginary Octonions
  Emma Carberry
21. The Lie transform between null curves in SL(2,C) and contact curves in PSL(2,C)
  Norio Ejiri and Miki Takahashi


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